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Definition of the service:

- SirWork provides commercial training services that adapt to the client, imparting it at the company itself or at our own facilities.

- SirWork offers exclusive training sessions for the sales sector. This training is customized according to the needs at hand and adapted to the product.

- Our methodology is based on an innovative training system which guarantees a high level of success, as the training programme is adapted to the company itself.

- After completing the training course, a salesperson will be confident of knowing exactly how to approach sales to clients.

Characteristics of our services:

Our services are characterized by a high level of personalization; we always offer an Ad Hoc programme, completely in contrast to the usual standardized courses provided by other training centres.

Stages of each training programme:

1. Definition of objectives that will be achieved during the training programme.

2. Analysis of current training received by the sales workforce.

3. Course schedule.

4. Specific Commercial Training course.

5. Coursework.

6. Assessment of each pupil, highlighting his/her strengths and weaknesses.

7. Posterior course review.


• Gain mastery over sales by addressing each different aspect of the selling process.

• Increase sales and improve commercial results.

• Improve commitment and productivity of sales teams.

• Plan sales strategies and adapt them to a commercial profile, increasing professionalism.

• Develop personal, social and professional skills.

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SirWork Human Resources Consultancy is a Spanish firm dedicated to staff selection for support, intermediate and managerial positions on a worldwide level. Our main objectives are speed, quality and integrity in all of our services. SirWork is structured into different business units or divisions such as specialized staff selection, Training/coaching, optimization of commercial resources and consultancy.

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