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What does ongoing training mean for businesses?

Ongoing training helps employees from Spanish companies to continue receiving training with Official Courses, Professional Expertise and Master degrees that allow them to improve their professional competence in their occupation, as well as broaden their academic CV with official qualifications that are of international recognition.

Public Institutions that undertake the management of Ongoing Training regulate subsidized courses for Employees, assigning an exact amount of finances (Training Credit) to each company for staff training. This training credit is provided annually and is not cumulative; any credit that is not used is lost.


100% subsidized training

- Which companies can receive benefits??

Las empresas que se pueden bonificar son aquellas que cuentan con personal asalariado en su plantilla .Las personas que no se encuentren dadas de alta en la Seguridad Social no podrán beneficiarse de la formación, al igual que los organismos públicos. Las empresas cuyo representante legal sea una persona física (autónomo), si posee personal asalariado en su empresa podrá tramitar formación para sus empleados. Cualquier empresa puede formar a sus trabajadores a coste cero.

- What is our objective?

Our objective is to unite the public and private sectors, breaching the gap between businesses and governmental administrations. Due to peculiarities in the mechanisms of public funding (whose function is separate from the private sector), in the majority of cases benefits and subsidies aren’t used to the full, either because of difficulties found when requesting them or a simple unawareness that they exist. SirWork takes care of all the processes needed for a training course and provides classrooms, teachers and class and support material for participants.

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SirWork Human Resources Consultancy is a Spanish firm dedicated to staff selection for support, intermediate and managerial positions on a worldwide level. Our main objectives are speed, quality and integrity in all of our services. SirWork is structured into different business units or divisions such as specialized staff selection, Training/coaching, optimization of commercial resources and consultancy.

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