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SirWork is an International firm that specializes in intermediate and managerial positions. Our main objectives are speed, quality and integrity in all of our staff selection procedures.

SirWork is structured into different business units:

- Specialized Selection.

- Training & Coaching.

- Consultancy.

Our team of experts and associates operate on an International level. We currently have an extensive network of expert consultants and associates who specialize in each field.

Specialization is our strongest point. In order to achieve this, SirWork is structured into different functional business areas: (Finances, Sales, Engineering, Purchases, Logistics, Marketing, IT, etc.).

A careful study of the business market with its various sectors and functional areas transform SirWork into a safe investment for any company who requires comprehensive, competent and high quality services.

Our offices are based in Valencia (Spain), Miami (USA) and Shanghai (China). Through these branches we cater for all of our clients’ needs in staff selection, head hunting and sourcing the best human workforce for their business projects.

Our mission is to locate the best professional workforce available, shorten time in the process of employment and become a link between professional employees and companies.

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SirWork Human Resources Consultancy is a Spanish firm dedicated to staff selection for support, intermediate and managerial positions on a worldwide level. Our main objectives are speed, quality and integrity in all of our services. SirWork is structured into different business units or divisions such as specialized staff selection, Training/coaching, optimization of commercial resources and consultancy.

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